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Dr. Aimie isn’t available for one-on-one sessions, however, we do have a team of amazing coaches directly supervised by Dr. Aimie who would love to get to know you and provide personalized support for your journey! You can learn more here!

Trauma work has been made confusing in the past, but it can actually be made simple (though not easy!) We help provide the roadmap of how to address stored trauma in the body, and guide you on taking the next best step. The 21 Day Journey will guide you step-by-step through the essential process of where to begin with addressing trauma. With a supportive community around you, you will be able to address stored trauma safely – and without having to go into the story of what happened. Dr. Aimie Apigian, MD MS MPH is the leading medical expert on how life experiences get stored in the body and how to restore the body to its best state of health. After the 21 Day Journey, more advanced courses are offered including All Parts Of Me and The Biology of Trauma™ 8-Module Curriculum. With one-on-one coaching services to provide you individualized guidance and support, a network of Biology of Trauma™-informed providers, and other educational resources, here at Trauma Healing Accelerated™, we are a health education organization providing a new manual for the human body to prevent trauma and accelerate the healing journey.  You can learn more about all we have to offer here!
We are working to develop a directory listing of Biology of Trauma™- informed professionals, but it is still in its early stages. This is our developing directory: This is our developing directory.
Visit Our Programs Page and scroll down to view the upcoming course schedules.

Receiving a certification on Biology of Trauma™ Provider means you are equipped with the tools and knowledge to effectively help people with addressing stored trauma in their body on a cellular level. There are 8 modules, each with individual certifications as well, that once completed grant you the overall certification as a Biology of Trauma™ Provider. This is a certification you can add to whatever your current scope of practice is. This title means you are equipped to more effectively help the clients you work with! It does not expand your scope of practice.

Having a certification in Biology of Trauma™ will help your clients. Your clients will realize you see the big picture and have a deeper understanding of their system. It will set you apart and equip you to have Biology of Trauma™ conversations with clients. If you’re a trauma recovery coach, for example, you will be able to talk to your clients what can be holding them back if we don’t address that biology piece. If you are a medical provider, your clients will appreciate that you are a provider who has a bigger perspective.

If you are a professional serving people whose life may have been affected by trauma and you want more tools, this network is for you! It is a like-minded community of professionals who come together to connect and collaborate.

With a monthly live meeting with Dr. Aimie, special bonuses, an online platform to connect, collaborative projects, and much more, this is something you will not want to miss! You will also be listed on our directory to be found and recommended by us to the people who reach out looking for professionals.

You will also be listed on our directory to be found and recommended by us to the people who reach out looking for professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions