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Do You Have A Biology of Trauma®?

Understand the Impact of Trauma on Your Biology And How To Work With It To Accelerate Your Healing Journey

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When you understand the science of the trauma response and the biology behind it, you’ll understand what keeps it stored in your body, you can be intentional, targeted and organized in your approach to the healing journey


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Choose Your Trauma Healing Path

Everyone begins their healing journey in a different place. You may be working on yourself or a parent working to help their child or you may be a professional who wants to add trauma healing to your client work. Choose your path below.


Become a part of the movement to bring new tools and knowledge to the clients in your practice


Your symptoms have answers. Find a like-minded community of others who like you are wanting better and seeking solutions until they too find the missing piece – the Biology of Trauma! You won’t need to ask why, but just apply so you can live a life of greater aliveness, health and joy from your healing place.


Break the cycle. The trauma can stop with you. Give yourself the tools you need to cultivate a home of safety, resilience, and joy

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21 Day Journey to Calm Aliveness

Be safely guided through the essential sequence of rewiring stored trauma in your body.

Biology of Trauma® Certificate Training

This is a Certificate Course for professionals in the Biology of Trauma™ Model. A deep dive into addressing stored trauma on a cellular level. Learn tools and knowledge.


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