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About Us

Understanding and treating the Biology of Trauma® has been the missing piece in medicine and trauma therapy. We connect the two so you can truly heal.

Our Mission

Our mission is Simple - To safely guide people down their clear path forward to healing

Everyone who has experienced trauma has a story unique to them and so is their path to healing. We developed the Biology of Trauma® program so you can create a plan for success; one that combines traditional medicine, alternative medicine and healing techniques, and somatic therapy for a personalized path to healing your trauma. We’ve created a specific, proven process to address The Biology of Trauma® that combines the healing modalities you need to heal, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, with a process you can understand and follow, no matter where you are on your healing journey. Healing your trauma may not be easy but the path to hope, healing, and the life you desire is predictable when you learn this comprehensive process.

Dr. Aimie

Dr. Aimie Apigian, MD MS MPH is the leading medical expert on how life experiences get stored in the body and restoring the body to its best state of health through her signature model and methodology, The Biology of Trauma®.

Dr. Aimie truly is the physician who healed herself.

Dr. Aimie shares:

“Drawn to foster care and hurting children, I fostered and then adopted a 4-year-old boy during medical school. Bringing with him the trauma that he had experienced in his early years, he ultimately challenged every aspect of my way of thinking, my medical training, and even my spiritual beliefs.

Fueled by how my life has been affected by attachment trauma beginning with my father and needing to address my own insecure attachment patterns, my purpose is to share what I have learned to accelerate the healing journey of attachment trauma of others.”

Dr. Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH, is a Board-Certified Preventive Medicine physician with a Masters in Biochemistry and a Masters in Public Health.  She is an author, speaker and founder of Trauma Healing Accelerated, LLC and Family Challenge Camps.

After a few years in a general surgery residency in Portland, OR, Dr. Aimie decided to forge her career path as a Trauma, Attachment and Addiction Medicine Physician.  She believes the healing journey can be accelerated through evidence-based tools and approaches to rewire the nervous system and the effects of chronic stress and trauma on the mind and body.  Having both parented children with effects from attachment and trauma issues and then having her own health challenges from chronic stress and traumas, she is intensely invested on finding what actually works practically and how to restore the body to its highest potential for health optimizing the biology. 

In addition to her medical training, she is also a Functional Medicine physician and has training and certifications specifically in neuro-autoimmunity, nutrition and genetics for addictions, mental health, and mood and behavioral disorders.

She has a number of certifications in various trauma therapies including Instinctual Trauma Response Model (an art trauma therapy), Somatic Experiencing (developed by Dr. Peter Levine), and NeuroAffective Touch (Dr. Aline LaPierre).

Dr. Aimie enjoys bridging the gap between what she sees happening in these trauma therapies and a person’s biology and nervous system.

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Non-Profit Support

With every purchase you help support families on their healing journey

A percentage of all of your purchases from Trauma Healing Accelerated are donated to the nonprofit Family Challenge Camps, in order to invest in our children and their healing for a better future.

What is Family Challenge Camps?

A powerful learning and healing weekend for the whole family!

Helping Families Heal and Connect After Trauma and Attachment Issues

Evidence-based, Solid, Science-based, Multidisciplinary, Integrative

Why Family Challenge Camps?

Although there is hope for healing at any age, what better time to address trauma and attachment issues than while the brain is still developing before adulthood, when children are still in that crucial neurodevelopment stage. 

Family Challenge Camps focuses on children ages 2-12, to reach them at the age when our chances of rewiring their nervous system for health, resilience, and security is at its greatest potential.

We also believe parents play the largest role in being a healing force for their children. We work with the parents so that they know how to work with their children. It is our belief that children will be the most benefitted by building a safe and trusting relationship with the parent, not a third-person counselor. Our goal is to build the parent up to be the primary healing agent for their child.

This is why we believe  this nonprofit carries out the principles of attachment and Biology of Trauma® — and we are proud supporters!

What Families Experience At Camp

  • Led and taught by a medical physician
  • Parent support by a team of staff
  • Parent education in attachment trauma
  • Trauma therapists
  • Attachment therapists
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Sleep and supplements
  • Somatic Exercises and Therapies
  • Fun trust-building family activities 
  • Microcurrent Neurofeedback (IASIS)
  • Acupuncture and Acupressure
  • Neuro development assessments and Neuro re-organization exercises
  • Nutritional assessments

Want to learn more about Family Challenge Camps?

You may find value in bringing your family to camp. Next camps will take place July 2022 and October 2022.

There are other ways to donate — you could even be a volunteer! You can donate time and come to a camp to support the healing work in these families.

To learn more, visit the website below.

Learn more about Family Challenge Camps

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21 Day Journey

You. Calm. Alive.

Be safely guided step-by-step through the essential process for addressing stored trauma in your body.

21 Day Journey

You. Calm. Alive.

Be safely guided step-by-step through the essential process for addressing stored trauma in your body.