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Understand yourself better and get a new roadmap to accelerate the trauma healing journey.


When you understand the science of the trauma response and the biology behind it, you’ll understand what keeps it stored in your body, you can be intentional, targeted and organized in your approach to the healing journey

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Everyone begins their healing journey in a different place. You may be working on yourself or a parent working to help their child or you may be a professional who wants to add trauma healing to your client work. Choose your path below.


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21 Day Journey

Be safely guided through the essential sequence of rewiring stored trauma in your body.

Biology of Trauma™ Certification

A deep dive into addressing stored trauma on a cellular level. Learn tools and knowledge.

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A global network of Biology of Trauma™- providers

Sometimes healing yourself requires a helping hand. Find a provider that can help you on your journey of healing. If you are a provider ready to help, join our network of gifted healers.

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