21 Day Journey+ Intro Journey to All Parts of Me Foundational Journey begins November 1st


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Whether you are choosing a path for yourself, your child, or as a professional track, your journey is as unique and important as you are. Your healing begins with the 21 Day Journey.

Upcoming Programs

09.12.2022 & 11.01.2022
You. Calm. Alive. Be safely guided step-by-step through the essential process for addressing stored trauma in your body.
A certification track for health practitioners and mental health providers who want more tools for addressing trauma. This is the missing piece for addressing trauma and the effects of trauma.
Acquaint yourself with all of the parts of you that influence your daily experiences, triggers and freeze responses.


All Parts of Me

Discover and work with all of the parts of you that influence your daily experiences, triggers and freeze responses.

Learn the process for identifying the 4 basic parts of ourselves, integrating the somatic experiencing tools we acquired in the 21 Day Journey or the Shift to Calm Aliveness course.

We have parts that want different things…perhaps even opposite things! This can feel like an internal battle. Let’s get curious and explore some of these opposing parts!

Opening the channels of communication with your individual parts is a key tool you will learn in this module. You will use this skill for the rest of your life!
Here we get acquainted with the part of us that can criticize us…the one we hear fussing at us in our heads! It’s time to get to know this sometimes challenging part a bit.
Our “protector parts” are here to help us, but boy, can they make a mess of things in the process! That’s why they often misunderstood. Let’s understand them a bit better.
We have a part that is young and insecure, and it can be a main driver in our lives. Coming to peace with this part allows us to support it and help us move forward in life.
Our parts may have created an inner war at times, each wanting their own way, but it doesn’t have to be like that! Time to create a team of parts that works together!


Take Charge of My Trauma™ Track

Understand the biology that keeps you stuck and how to address it effectively to accelerate the trauma healing journey.

Dive into the neuroscience of the brain and learn how to support it.

Understand how to help reverse and prevent the autoimmune processes.

Understand how to leverage your hormones to break the power of fear and stress.

What is freeze? Learn the tools that allow you to address freeze and a biology of trauma.

More trauma is stored in the gut than anywhere else in the body. Understand and unwind the gut-trauma connection.

Understand how to leverage your hormones to break the power of fear and stress.

Understand the interaction of genetics, epigenetics, and oxidative stress on the biology of trauma.

Learn the different trauma biology types and the therapies to use with each type.

Growth Opportunities

Want To Take Your Study, Healing, And Practice Deeper?

One-On-One Health Coaching

Work directly with a professional to improve your overall health and develop a plan for continued healing.

Somatic Mentorship

Be mentored through deeply learning somatic therapies to help release stored trauma in the body.

Mentorship Training Program

For those looking to gain experience leading online somatic course groups

Intentional Community of Support

Join like minded, action oriented people who’ve completed the 21 Day Journey and/or All Parts of Me course to continue your healing growth.