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You push yourself hard. You give to others, day in and day out. When do you recharge? Find your group of people who understand you. Receive care from other heart-centered professionals who understand your life, your work, and your passion. You are not alone, you just have to find your people!

You become like those you spend time with.

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When you surround yourself with people who don’t, you forget your dreams. You settle. You stay small.

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The first Biology of Trauma Summit aired to the world in July 2021 and over 84,000 people from around the world watched. 

Not only are many of those people looking for providers who have an understanding of the Biology of Trauma, they are hungry for more knowledge and tools.

Dr. Aimie created this network of like-minded colleagues who are motivated, action takers and solution-focused so you’d have a place to not only find clients, but also to be able to connect with colleagues around the world who are working and supporting people through their trauma healing journey and discover what they are doing that is working.

The network is a place where trusted, respected  professionals can meet, share, and learn directly from Dr. Aimie.

Join this mission and movement today. Help those on the healing journey create real and lasting change in their lives while learning and growing together with peers to become better at helping others.

Reignite your passion.

Interact with professionals at advanced levels in their training.

Collaborate and join discussions on how to navigate your specific challenges.

Gain fresh insight, understanding and tools to powerfully move forward.

The International Biology of Trauma™-Informed Professionals Directory

With over 150,000 registrants for the Biology of Trauma™ Summit since 2021, there is a huge growing interest in finding professionals who are aware and trained in the Biology of Trauma™ model, approach and protocols. Coming out of the Biology of Trauma™ Summit in 2021, the network and directory were founded to help people find professionals who could bring them the missing piece for their trauma healing journey. Since then, it has grown into a certification training for professionals. Those in training and those who have completed training are featured on the directory and receive referrals from Dr. Aimie from clients seeking services around the world. 

Only those professionals who have reached a level of competence in their knowledge and skills around the Biology of Trauma™ get listed on the directory. They are highly respected professionals in their field and community. Professionals in the directory are featured by Dr. Aimie. We love to see our professionals thrive with new inquiries by giving exposure and new business. As you start your journey towards becoming a Biology of Trauma™ professional, these are the kinds of people you get to network with as you work towards being listed on the directory and featured by Dr. Aimie.

You can join this mission and movement by joining the network today. This is what we are about, helping you build your business and connect you with people who are looking for qualified professionals with the unique lens of the Biology of Trauma™.

We are the heart and hands to bring transformation and healing in a world that can be driven by anxiety and fear.

Together, we can be a force for good

What You Get When You Join
The Biology of Trauma™ Professionals Network

This is more than a directory or a network of people who never really connect. This is a tribe, a community focused on being better every day and supporting our clients and peers.

Monthly Touchpoints With Dr. Aimie

You’ll get to join Dr. Aimie in the monthly Professionals Network meeting where she shares additional insights, resources, and tools to help you accelerate the healing journey of your clients.

Collaborate With Like Minded Action Focused Peers

Connect with peers who are dedicating themselves to changing lives by applying new ideas and therapies to problems as old as humanity itself. Meet, connect with and collaborate with the people on the cutting edge of trauma healing. Learn, share, connect, grow.

Access The Recorded Meetings

Dr. Aimie has conducted many trainings that are cataloged and waiting in the library for your review. If you miss a live training session, you can always go back and watch it later.

Access To Our Mighty Networks Professionals Platform

Ask questions, get answers, search past conversations. The Mighty Networks Professionals Platform is your hub of knowledge and connection. Dive deeper, learn faster, connect more from the convenience of your computer or your phone.

What is it like to be in the Biology of Trauma™ Professionals Network?

Early Action Bonus!



– The Moments In Our Past That Shaped Our Money Mentality

– The Re-Traumatization We Do To Ourselves Around Money

– Resolution To Our Suffering Associated With Money

Available to anyone enrolled in Biology of Trauma Certification

Biology of Trauma™ Professional

$19 USD/month

Biology of Trauma™ Professional Level

For professionals that have completed the 21 Day Journey To Calm Aliveness and have enrolled in at least 1 Biology of Trauma Professional Training Course


Access to the entire library of monthly networking meeting recordings

Attend Live Monthly Networking Meetings With Dr. Aimie and her community of professionals 

Access to the Professionals Network where you can post, collaborate and interact with other Biology of Trauma Professionals from around the world

Get your practice and contact details listed on the Professionals Directory  (*will need to maintain an active status to be eligible)

Gain access to private groups dedicated to the Biology of trauma module that you are enrolled in.

Attend live Clinical Q&A Meetings with Dr. Aimie’s Multidisciplinary Team (starting spring 2023!!!)