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Join our robust network of Trauma Healing Accelerated trained professionals who are helping people at every stage of their healing journey. 

Benefits of Joining The Network

More than a community of like minded professionals, the network provides you with valuable connections to people on the healing path looking to connect with professionals like you to help them on their journey.

What Is This Biology of Trauma™ Providers Network?

The Biology of Trauma has been the missing piece in medicine and trauma therapy! Being a part of the Network allows you to join Dr. Aimie and the community for monthly networking and training sessions.

The first Biology of Trauma Summit aired to the world in July 2021 and over 84,000 people from around the world watched. 

Not only are many of those people looking for providers who have an understanding of the Biology of Trauma, they are hungry for more knowledge and tools.

Dr. Aimie created this network of like-minded colleagues who are motivated, action takers and solution-focused so you’d have a place to not only find clients, but also to be able to connect with colleagues around the world who are working and supporting people through their trauma healing journey and discover what they are doing that is working.

The network is a place where trusted, respected  professionals can meet, share, and learn directly from Dr. Aimie.

Join this mission and movement today. Help those on the healing journey create real and lasting change in their lives while learning and growing together with peers to become better at helping others.

The Biology of Trauma Providers Network- Who Is It For?

The Biology of Trauma Providers Network is THE network for those professionals looking for a community of like-minded colleagues who are motivated, action takers and solution-focused! We are professionals who want to be part of and help create a safe, inspiring and collaborative community. 

The International Biology of Trauma-Informed Provider Network & Directory

The directory is the trusted resource for anyone who has committed to their healing journey and want to find help and guidance along the way. Not just a directory, but a network of connected professionals who clients can count on to help them build the perfect team to support their healing and growth. Once you’ve begun your training in the Biology of Trauma you are eligible to add your listing to the directory and become a trusted resource.

Together, we as professionals can positively change the lives of people suffering and struggling with trauma around the world - Embrace the mission, join the movement!

What You Get When You Join
The Trauma Healing Accelerated Provider Network

This is more than a directory or a network people people who never really connect, this is a tribe, a community focused on being better every day and supporting their clients and peers.

You Become A Part Of A Movement And A Mission

We are bridging the gap between medicine and trauma healing and embracing all of the modalities and healers who can make a difference. We know that trauma healing doesn’t happen on its own. We believe that trauma healing can happen for everyone with the right training and support. You are that support and guide.

You Get Trained By Doctor Aimie Directly

Each month Dr. Aimie works with you to help you dive deeper into the Biology of Trauma and to learn more about how to provide tools for healing to those that you work with.

You Collaborate With Like Minded Action Focused Peers

Connect with peers who are dedicating themselves to changing lives by applying new ideas and therapies to problems as old as humanity itself. Meet, connect with and collaborate with the people on the cutting edge of trauma healing. Learn, share, connect, grow.

Access A Library Of Training

Dr. Aimie has conducted many trainings that are cataloged and waiting in the library for your review. If you miss a live training session, you can always go back and watch it later.

Access To Our Mighty Networks Provider Platform

Ask questions, get answers, search past conversations. The Might Networks Provider Platform is your hub of knowledge and connection. Dive deeper, learn faster, connect more from the convenience of your computer or your phone.

Be Found By New Clients

Be listed in the Trauma Healing Accelerated directory of trained professions. This is the single place for seekers to search for trained professionals to help them on their journey. It’s the resource they know they can trust because it is curated by Dr. Aimie.

Take it from Niki Manavi

Founder and CEO of Higher-Self Development and has been one of our featured providers in the network.

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Choose the perfect plan based on your level of training and desire to assist others on their healing journey.

Available To All

Biology of Trauma™ Public

Continue your learning journey throughout the year

Available To All

Biology of Trauma™ Informed

For professionals new to Biology of Trauma and who may have taken a Masterclass with Dr. Aimie. Includes everything in Biology of Trauma Public, plus:

Available to anyone enrolled in Biology of Trauma Certification

Biology of Trauma™ Professional

For professionals who’ve completed the 21 Day Journey To Calm Aliveness and have enrolled in the Biology of Trauma certification. Includes everything in Biology of Trauma Public and Informed, plus:

Available to anyone who has completed the Biology of Trauma Certification

Biology of Trauma™ Advanced Professional

For professionals who have completed the Advanced Providers Training Program. Includes everything in Biology of Trauma Public, Informed, and Professional, plus: