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Show Notes

“A brain inflamed is a brain in overwhelm.” Do you know how head injuries affect one’s ability to do trauma work or somatic work? Do you know how to recognize brain inflammation and what kind of work that requires? Today, we are going to look at that with a first-hand account by Tori. Tori wasn’t always stuck in her trauma work. She was a marathon runner, a successful accountant, and managed her health issues well enough. But after she suffered a few head injuries, the past ten years have been very difficult. We are going to answer the question: How does brain fog and inflammation affect somatic trauma work?

You’ll learn:

  • What is brain inflammation and how do we get it
  • The connection between brain inflammation and a trauma response
  • What to do about brain inflammation


  • [1:54] Tori’s story
  • [5:03] Brain inflammation has to be addressed to make any kind of progress around trauma
  • [7:13] Supplements to help with brain fog and inflammation
  • [9:16] Somatic work
  • [11:18] The brain inflammation – Trauma response connection
  • [16:36] Tori’s progress and setbacks
  • [20:50] What to do about brain inflammation


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