The Advanced Professional Certificate Training Program Begins May 1st

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The Biology of Attachment,
Survival and Resilience

A 6-week advanced certificate training to learn exactly how to implement Dr. Aimie’s attachment and neurodevelopment protocols, using the integrated Biology of Trauma™ lens that includes Polyvagal Theory, NARM, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and more. Learn strategies to repair attachment pain and rewire neurodevelopmental gaps at any age.

The Advanced Professional Certificate Training Begins May 1st.

It's time to take what you've learned
to the world.

You’ve already learned the core principles of attachment and neurodevelopment in the professional training. Now it is time to dive deep into implementation and application.
Learn how to walk someone through attachment pain and rewiring neurodevelopmental gaps.
People need professionals like you who have comprehensive and integrative training, tools, and protocols.
In the Advanced Professional training, we will be building off of everything you have learned so you will have the confidence and competence to work safely with your patients or clients and address the root causes of their attachment pain.
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What is included in the Advanced Professional Training?

Dr. Aimie’s actual assessment forms – Dr. Aimie will be giving you the assessment forms she uses when walking clients through identifying and addressing their attachment pain. Not only will she be giving you these forms, but helping you know the relevance of the questions on the assessment form, how to interpret them, and how to create a comprehensive treatment plan from these assessment forms.

Step-by-step case studies – Dr. Aimie will walk you through a real case study showing you all of their assessment forms, how to identify the best starting place, and how to pull it all together for a comprehensive treatment plan. 

What you get:

  • The step-by-step process to organize information about a client
  • The process and support to put together the comprehensive treatment plan that addresses somatic work, parts work, and biology to specifically work through attachment pain.


Access to the new Attachment content – You will have access to all of the updated Professional Training content, including handouts, videos, bonuses, and guidance through advanced somatic and parts work to address the 6 types of attachment pain.

Aside from this, you will receive the Advanced Professionals program. This is where we take the information from the Professional level and give you what you need to directly implement the materials into your practice through handouts, protocols, guides, and assessment forms.

What you get:

  • New content specific to Advanced Professionals to assess and address trauma patterns related to attachment, survival and resilience
  • A model of exactly where to begin with your client/patients that have unresolved attachment pain