You Get Pills Or A Talk, But Never A Solution

You’ve tried your best to change the pattern; tried to strengthen your willpower, but your body will “sabotage” you by shutting down or over-reacting when you don’t want it to.

Certain therapies keep the focus on just the brain and don’t address the body, and may actually make things worse. These are the dangerous yet standard practices of addressing stored trauma. It’s not your fault, change IS possible when you know what to do

✔ You Are Here Physically, But Not Emotionally.
✔  You Struggle To Have The Energy To Be Present.
✔  You Lose Hours Staring At A Screen.
✔  Your Mind Wanders Off In A Meeting Or A Conversation.
✔  You Suffer From Physical Symptoms You Believe Are Stress-related Such As Headaches, Nausea, Joint Pain, Or Stomachaches.

Acquire Insights From
5 World-Leading Experts

5 Days Summit

Day 1 One 1 One


Irene Lyon, MSc

How to Rewire the Nervous System On A Cellular Level

  • Address biochemical imbalances through testing and targeted supplements/diet to rebalance levels.
  • Reduce inflammation, especially gut and brain inflammation, through diet, lifestyle changes, and stress management.
  • Practice daily somatic exercises to help the nervous system shift out of stress states.

Day 2 Two

Alex Howard

The Stages, Pitfalls & Lessons Learned In Addressing Stored Trauma In Chronic Diseases

  • What Medicine Gets Wrong About The Body and the Normal Pitfalls in Addressing Trauma With a Chronic Disease.
  • How To Leverage Neuroscience in Addressing Stored Trauma To Avoid Pitfalls.
  • The Shared Secret Behind High Performance & Chronic Disease and How To Bring In The Missing Piece In Medicine.

Day 3 Three


Dr. Gabor Maté

Learn When & Why
The Body Says No

  • Understand the profound connection between trauma and disease from a family physician’s perspective
  • Delve into the science behind how trauma alters our physiology
  • Explore the intriguing links between personality types, anger, our immune system, and their role in disease occurrence

Day 4 Four

Arielle Schwartz

Dr. Arielle Schwartz

How Trauma Causes Disease & Accessing The Vagus Nerve

  • Covers her own insights and experiences on the Polyvagal lens and how it holds the keys to safe and effective trauma healing work.
  • Explores the mind-body journey of resilience
  • She confirms that as impossible as it may seem, you can return to wholeness.

Day 5 Five

Laura Frontiero

Optimize Your Health & Energy

  • Understand the interplay between stored trauma and chronic health symptoms
  • Help you rejuvenate your energy, enhance mental clarity and regain bodily vitality
  • Assist you in identifying and addressing root causes
Meet Your Summit Host

Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH is a double board-certified physician and leading expert on the Biology of Trauma®. With two Master’s degrees in Biochemistry and Public Health, Dr. Apigian is an authoritative voice in the intersection of functional medicine and trauma therapy.

Dr. Apigian’s diverse expertise spans neuro-autoimmunity, nutrition, and genetics for addictions, mental health, mood, and behavioral disorders. She also holds several certifications in various trauma therapies, including the Instinctual Trauma Response Model, Somatic Experiencing, and NeuroAffective Touch.

However, Dr. Apigian is not only an accomplished professional but a survivor. Her passion for trauma healing was born from personal experiences: adopting 4-year-old Miguel from the California foster care system and surviving her own severe health crash and burnout. These challenges taught her what she didn’t learn in medical school – to differentiate between stress and trauma in the body and to assist the body in healing itself.

With a vision to help one million individuals accelerate their trauma healing journey, Dr. Apigian aims to bring the biology piece of trauma work to every medical and mental health education system globally by 2041. Her wisdom and experiences, professional and personal, have shaped her unique approach, providing the missing piece of trauma healing.

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“Acquire Insights From 5 World-Leading Experts”

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