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Show Notes

Today on Biology of Trauma is our final interview with William Walsh as we continue our conversation on copper excess, undermethylation and Pyroluria. We discuss how difficult it is to identify and treat neurochemical imbalances correctly.

Many mood disorders are being misdiagnosed as trauma. Environmental stress can exacerbate a neurological condition but ignoring the biological aspect keeps patients suffering longer.

During pregnancy a woman’s copper levels increase, causing anger, irritability and in many cases, postpartum depression. Untreated, copper levels may never return to normal, permanently changing the disposition of the mother. In children however, violent tendencies develop and are often misdiagnosed as a psychiatric disorder; the treatment of which will never balance the copper levels causing the rage.

In cases of undermethylation we now know that it causes low serotonin but the standard protocol is still to administer methyl folates which can dangerously lower serotonin; in extreme cases patients have become so depressed they commit suicide. In each section, you will see how important individualized care is to the recovery of any patient. Medicine is still catching up to the research but the stakes are high and we should all be fighting for personalized protocols.


  • [1:45] Copper excess can cause postpartum depression and violent behavior in children 
  • [2:20] 95% of postpartum depression cases have high copper levels even long after giving birth
  • [5:50] Gradual doses of Zinc and Vitamin B6 can correct copper levels, ideally before pregnancy 
  • [8:00] Copper excess in children can mistakenly be diagnosed and treated as psychiatric issues 
  • [11:40] Testing Zinc, copper and ceruloplasmin levels to verify if you have copper excess 
  • [14:00] Undermethylation around the world are increasing & what makes it worse 
  • [17:20]How methylated your DNA is indicates undermethylation better than the MTHFR gene 
  • [22:12] Folate is a strong methylator and will dangerously lower serotonin in a depressed patient 
  • [28:10] Pyroluria is a correctable disorder that indicates high oxidative stress
  • [29:35] Normalizing Zinc and B6 will cure Pyroluria, left untreated Schizophrenia may develop 
  • [32:40] Violence declines, if a child’s neurochemical imbalance is addressed early in life 
  • [35:30] Sociopaths have smaller amygdala and cannot recognize pain in people

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