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Show Notes

Trauma is often defined as an event, but the freeze response can develop from the most subtle inconsistencies from your childhood. Today is part two of my interview with Irene Lyon, a somatic practitioner and nervous system expert. She explains how trauma is not always obvious and how you can overcome your freeze response without even knowing the original cause.

The path to joy is not through analyzing the past but by understanding how you feel today. Even if you had an amazing childhood and find it difficult to come to terms with your current feelings of anxiety because you have no event to blame it on, there is a clear path to joy that you can begin today.

Your nervous system is connected and controls every cell in your body, so a perceived threat can upset your hormones, gut, and every stress organ in your body which can cause uncomfortable physical sensations and anxiety. Irene offers somatic tools that will highlight your traumatic freeze response, giving you the opportunity to address and move through them. It is a painful process, but through hard work, you will become in tune with your body and finally be able to experience joy, safety, and support.


  • [1:47] How Insecurities are Created by Seemingly Harmless Inconsistencies in Childhood
  • [4:40] Learning different standards of
    behaviors from each parent
  • [6:40] What Happens When you Don’t Address Childhood Inconsistencies
  • [9:40] Attempting to compartmentalize the natural flow of human expression
  • [11:30] Entering into survival mode keeps you from living a normal healthy life
  • [13:00] How to Start the Healing Process
  • [15:00] If your biology can’t internally motivate it can tarnish learned behaviors
  • [17:10] Embrace discomfort and get curious about your body’s natural processes
  • [21:00] Remind yourself that everyday you have the ability to make a different choice
  • [22:40] The Life that is Possible After Healing
  • [28:00] Learning the language of your nervous system through intentional touch
  • [32:00] Connecting with your body and expanding into a life of joy

Find More From Irene:

Irene Lyon: https://irenelyon.com/
21-Day Tune-Up: https://21daytuneup.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/IreneLyon
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/irenelyon/

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