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Episode 33: When Trauma Is Hijacking Your Body: The 3 Essential Pillars For The Healing Journey


“..And I was just literally for years and years and years seeking help outside myself. Doctors, hundreds of 1000s of dollars in debt, you know, just trying to find out what was wrong and to put this fire out on the outside because I was just focusing on my skin..”


Show Notes:

Learning to recognize the disease-trauma connection is a huge part of getting to work healing yourself. This week I am excited to have Jude Weber, a practitioner of Biology of Trauma™ and EFT on the podcast. Jude’s journey has taken many twists and turns for her to be here today. This is the real life story of how nervous system dysregulation was the root cause of her eczema, eating disorders, and relationship troubles.


You will hear:

  1. The necessity of an integrative approach to trauma work, especially as it relates to our physical health
  2. The essential element of somatic work
  3. The essential element of the biology piece
  4. The essential element for parts work

Key Takeaways:

[02:42] Introduction to Jude Weber’s health concerns

[08:29] Dr. Aimie talks about taking an integrative approach to trauma work to heal our physical bodies

[10:30] Beginning the somatic work

[14:18] Somatic work is an essential pillar to an integrative approach to trauma

[19:10] Addressing the biology work

[20:53] Biology work is another essential pillar to an integrative approach to trauma

[23:41] The third essential pillar is parts work

[26:21] Parts keep holding us back from the rest of the world

[29:53] What is parts work and why is it so important? 


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