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Episode 32: What Are The Ways The Body Communicates Stored Trauma?

“..we can ignore these messages from our body. We can ignore our body and keep pushing up for a long time. And what happens is that over time our body goes more and more into this place of what I call the trauma response..”


Show Notes:

Have you noticed the difference between how your body feels during times of stress versus times of trauma? Maybe not! When we are stressed, we feel energy. We are figuring things out and getting things done. But trauma mode is different. In this episode taken from one of my Masterclasses, we are going to discuss the three surprising ways our bodies communicate trauma.


What You Will Learn:

The difference between the stress response and the trauma response.

Our bodies communicate trauma through:

  1. Thoughts
  2. Body Sensations
  3. Our Physical Health


[2:07] When your body’s check engine light comes on

[4:17] Three ways to recognize our body’s truth

[5:05] Our thoughts

[7:11] Our body sensations

[9:15] Our physical health


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