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Show Notes

Have you ever experienced a complete and intense burnout? Today on the Biology of Trauma™ Podcast, one of Dr. Aimie’s Biology of Trauma™ Professionals, Marc, joins her to share his story of how a complete and intense burnout changed his life and perspective.



You’ll learn:

Marc was a pastor traveling the world making an impact on those around him. But no one saw what was really going on inside. Marc was experiencing debilitating physical symptoms which were clear signs he was dealing with a persistent trauma response in his body, eventually leading to a cancer diagnosis.

He wanted to figure out what had caused all these issues which led him to my 21 Day Journey to Calm Aliveness. He found what he was looking for. Marc has become a mentor for others going through the 21 Day Journey and has taken what he has learned to start making literal changes in the world.


  • [02:18] Marc’s journey from pastor traveling the world to complete burnout
  • [09:27] Three ways to recognize if your body is stuck in a trauma response.
  • [10:59] How Marc ended up working with Dr. Aimie and taking her 21 Day Journey program
  • [14:10] What is physiologically different between trauma and stress
  • [15:37] The first step in completing the trauma cycle
  • [17:08] How Marc’s career was completely transformed by his personal journey (and how yours can be too!)
  • [21:54] The three steps of the Essential Sequence to rewiring and releasing stored trauma in the body
  • [23:13] The biggest takeaways Marc had from learning the Essential Sequence
  • [28:39] How to support someone’s biology in an intentional way that can allow them to get unstuck
  • [30:05] How Marc is helping others get unstuck while living his best life in the middle of a war zone



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