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Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of The Biology of Trauma podcast! Today we are getting to the root of the freeze response with Dr. Peter Levine, founder of Somatic Experience. Together we dive into exactly what causes a freeze response and why we evolved to have the mechanism in the first place. Using somatic tools, Dr. Levine and I help patients like Melanie, a breast cancer survivor who was overwhelmed by motherhood, overcome her own freeze response. Through her story, it is easy to see how patients become addicted to the numbing effect of this coping mechanism. When we become overwhelmed, we instinctively reach for anything to help us get through another moment, and the freeze response offers the same release as an opiate would. By understanding the freeze response, we can learn to recognize the patterns and help patients break out of the cycle to reclaim their mental and emotional health again.


  • [4:30] What therapists need to know about freeze response addiction

  • [8:30] What is the evolutionary value of the freeze response?

  • [13:47] How to reset patterns of addiction

  • [15:45] What most professionals still misunderstand about memory and body memory

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