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I am a Trauma-informed, registered holistic nutritionist and transformational life coach helping women in midlife address the root causes of their weight, gut, sleep, fatigue, and mood issues so they can finally feel more connected, fully alive, and balanced inside and out of their bodies.

I provide individualized and in-depth nutritional counseling, not only through listening to my client’s story but by using personalized assessments and lab analysis combining various modalities such as:

Building self-compassion, self-awareness, and nervous system regulation.

Learning to draw from an innate wisdom.

Intuitive and mindful eating, culinary nutrition, establishing a personal somatic practice, the chakras, and other healing modalities.

Comprehensive lab testing: Gut, immune, hormone, and metabolic testing; micronutrient, neurotransmitter, environmental toxin testing, and more.

My programs are designed for those who want to find true, sustainable solutions and live a longer, better quality life now as well as prevent health issues down the road as they age.

Additional Details

  • BA, RHN, FDN-P
  • 21 Day Journey , All Parts Of Me, Biology Of Trauma™ Certification Course, Biology of Trauma Advanced Provider Training