21 Day Journey+ Intro Journey to All Parts of Me Foundational Journey begins November 1st

Although subject to change, prices currently stand:

Biology of Trauma® Certification Track Module: $997 per module

Biology of Trauma® Take Charge Of My Trauma™ Non-Certification Track Module: $867

Entire Certification Track: $5976 (after taking the 21 Day Journey)

There are 8 modules that make up the Biology of Trauma® Certification and Non-Certification Track (called Take Charge Of My Trauma™). 


Attachment & Neurodevelopment Module 

Identify childhood gaps and repair what went wrong or was missing. 

Brain Health In Trauma Module 

Dive in to the neuroscience of the brain and how to support it. 

Energy, Overwhelm & Freeze Module 

What is the freeze? Learn the tools to address a Biology of Trauma®. 

Inflammation & Autoimmune Module 

Understand how to help reverse and prevent the autoimmune processes. 

Gut Health, Emotions & Trauma Module 

More trauma is stored in the gut than anywhere else in the body. 

Stress, Heart Shocks and Hormones in Trauma Module 

Break the power of fear and hidden stress. 

Genetics, Epigenetic & Oxidative Stress Module 

Coming Soon 

Therapies For Different Trauma Biology Types Module 

Coming Soon 



Biology of Trauma® Non-Certification Track 

Take Charge Of My Trauma™ 

Same 8 Modules as above 


Attachment & Neurodevelopment 






Autoimmune Inflammation 




Stress, Heart Shock & Hormones 

Link coming soon 


Coming Soon 


Coming Soon 

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have scholarships available. We do have a two-part payment plan for each of our courses to help.

Yes! We have many people who join us for each Module offered, even if they took it before. Each running of the Module has new live content, bonus content, question and answer sessions, and guest speakers. (Great news – you get to take it again for half price!) 

We are able to grant extensions for up to a certain period to help accommodate your completion of the modules if you fall behind. Just be sure to communicate with your course manager! 

The two tracks are identical, with the exception of the certification elements. These certification elements are: a weekly homework assignment, a weekly quiz, a final implementation meeting, and a final oral and written exam. Members of both tracks will have access to the same opportunities and will attend sessions together. Only members of the certification track are granted certification at the end. 

All homework and exam elements are designed to help enhance your learning. We don’t want you bogged down in busy work! Homework, quizzes, and exams are designed for you to check your understanding and process the material. If you are engaging with the material, we guarantee that you will successfully be able to handle all quizzes and exams. 

We recommend setting aside 4-6 hours a week. 

The Module lasts for 3 weeks, usually covering two chapters a week. 

A weekly question and answer session live with Dr. Aimie is available for you to ask questions and further enhance your learning. 

For members of the certification track, there is an extra fourth week designed for implementation and processing how you will apply the knowledge and tools you have learned to your life and practice. 

Modules last about a month. 

Occasionally, when many Biology of Trauma® Modules have been offered sequentially without a break, we will design an extended track option. We know life is busy and that you have a lot of commitments, so we want to make learning these tools as accessible as possible! 

We strive to upload the recordings and transcripts as soon as possible, within 24-48 hours of the live sessions. 

The implementation meeting is a group session live with Dr. Aimie and a group of peers where you can discuss and brainstorm practically how to implement these knowledge and tools to your specific calling and practice. 

Each Module stands alone and receives its own certificate. For members who complete all 8 Modules, they receive an additional certificate designating them a Biology of Trauma® Certified Provider.  

Yes! Each Module stands alone and can also be taken in any order. 

One of the Biology of Trauma® Modules is offered once a month (occasionally we take a month off.) There are 8 Modules that we offer once a year and rotate the order in which they are offered.

Yes! We offer each Module once a year. Sign up for the newsletter to stay tuned to when Modules are next offered. 

We are able to accommodate most schedule conflicts. Just be sure to let the course manager know in advance so she can anticipate and accommodate the scheduling. 

We are able to accommodate some schedule conflicts and can offer extensions in certain cases if needed. After a certain point, however, if the course is not completed, you will still have ongoing access to all of the material. If you would like to complete the certification process for the module in the future, you are eligible to re-take the Module for half of the original price and complete all of the certification requirements. This way, you are still able to graduate from the program and receive the certificate! 

This certification is a certification granted from Trauma Healing Accelerated™, founded by Dr. Aimie Apigian. It is the Biology of Trauma® Provider Certificate. Upon graduation from each module you will also receive certification for that specific module. It does not expand a scopeofpractice; it is a certification that you can add to your current scopeofpractice. It demonstrates that one has completed the curriculum in the Biology of Trauma® of Dr. Aimie Apigian’s work, and shows clients as well as other professionals that you have studied and understand the impacts of trauma on the body on a cellular level and how to effectively address it. 

Certification is a credential you add to your current scope of practice. It does not expand your scope of practice.

If you are working with clients, having a certification in Biology of Trauma® will help the people you work with. Your clients will see you as having the big picture and more understanding of their system. They will have built-in trust and rapport because they know you have a perspective many providers in your field might not have. It will set you apart to be able to have biology of trauma conversations with clients. As a trauma recovery coach, for example, you will be prepared to discuss aspects that will be holding people back if we don’t address the biology piece. For medical providers, many people appreciate providers who have this bigger perspective.

That’s why we have built in all of this additional support for you. We have specific implementation hours where we figure that out together. Based on the specific type of patients and clients you are seeing, we will discuss what would make the most sense for your practice. What would be something that would be cohesive, that would flow well with what you already have going and just be able to seamlessly build in more depth and more tools to what you are already doing.

Yes, you’ll be given different assessments, lists of traits and characteristics for various biology types, different toxins, infections, what those look like. Additional resources for you. Your clients can do these tests, and you can help interpret these tests. 

Yes, it includes the nutrition, the nutraceuticals movement, and even that last module in the certification course is the different types of trauma therapies that are available. We’re looking at Somatic Experiencing™ as the somatic work, as well as EMDR, all the different trauma therapies that are available. Based on where a client is at in their health and what you’re seeing for their biology, where they’re stuck, we will discuss what therapies, what modalities would be most recommended for them that would most likely help them shift from that. It will include all of that. The certification course is a comprehensive look at all the systems and including all the lifestyle factors. 

Yes. Each module stands on its own. You don’t have to take all of them. You can also take them in any order; each module stands on its own in terms of content and information.

It depends on your background and what you’re going to be using the information for. A few people are already trauma recovery coaches, so they already have that training, and they’re adding this certification to their professional work. For those people who are health coaches, for those people who are acupuncturists, for those people who are physical therapists, they’ve got their training background, and they’re adding this professional certification to the training that they already have. For those people who don’t have any formal training, but want the certification course, that would be something where we can create a title for you, especially if you’re going to be helping me with future courses and future clients as a support person with this training in the Biology of Trauma®. 

Yes, for some professionals. We offer CME credits. This is only for: MDs, PAs, NPs, AAs, DOs. You have to have an NPI number. We are working to make it available for other professionals in other fields, however this is unfortunately not currently the case. It is one video — 1 credit — $30. 

6 credits in the whole Module, for a total of $180.