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39: How Does Trauma Manifest in the Body With Gabor Mate

“..the first step is to kind of witness your body and where you’re aware of these physiological shifts. And then the second phase is really the narrative you develop about those physiological responses. If you see it through a polyvagal lens, you see the reactions as trying to protect you..”


Show Notes:

When there are physical symptoms involved, that is what you will learn about how unresolved trauma manifests physically in the body, and we must be careful to start in the right way. In this episode, I have with me Dr. Gabor Mate, who is a leader in seeing the body expressing stress and trauma, a family medical physician who also worked in palliative care and addiction medicine, and the author of When the Body Says No and Hungry Ghosts. We will be answering the big question – How does unresolved trauma manifest physically in our bodies and how can understanding this connection lead to profound healing? So, where do we start?

What you will hear in this episode:
  • Virtually every chronic condition you ever deal with has a traumatic template to it [03:02]
  • The role of dysregulation versus genetics in diseases [10:05]
  • Stress and helplessness on a cellular level [14:58]
  • The interplay of copper excess and relational trauma in postpartum depression [18:14]
  • How unresolved trauma creates a disconnect with yourself and your body [25:22]
  • Where to start to repair the disconnect [26:08]
  • Illness as an attempt on the body’s part to wake you up to who you really are and what your needs really are [36:28]
  • The role of community and your changing your world on the healing journey [38:30]
  • The role of somatics and parts work addressing unresolved trauma in the body [43:25]
  • How long it takes to start seeing results [53:36]

Find more about Dr Aimie here:

How do you know if you have trauma? And if you do have trauma, what is the next step?

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15 Easy Practical Biology of Trauma Tools for Professionals


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